The features that the best wood-fired pizza ovens should have. part 3

The features
  1. Uniform cooking

Coming to operational aspects, ie those related to the convenience of work and perfect food of pizza , an essential feature in a hot wood-fired oven is the uniformity of cooking in the various areas of the oven, due to the differences in both the soil and the sensitivity to the distance from the fire. Minimal differences will allow us to have an easier cooking management and we will be able to cook pizzas evenly, correctly aligning both sides of the same pizza and cooking times for the whole batch.

The uniformity of cooking performance in the various areas of the oven is a significant factor when you need to prepare many pizzas , because we will be able to better control the cooking of all the pizzas in the oven and with a little practice we will be able to develop the our mental chronometer, to avoid going to check the stove many more times than necessary .

8. Temperature recovery speed in the various areas

As we know, the point at which we cook a pizza will be less hot than the surrounding area , once it is cooked.

Considering that pizza in a wood-fired oven usually cooks in less than two minutes , we should have no problems if we make few pizzas during the evening, waiting a few minutes between one and the other in the same spot.

If instead we have several mouths to feed and we want to make many pizzas in a short time, we will have to pay attention to the loss of heat of the soil and the recovery time in the various points . This could cause a cooking imbalance between the top and bottom of the pizza, which will not be adequately cooked.

A good oven can limit this problem, but it is also due to the experience of the domestic pizza maker and his ability to manage fire and embers, which he must use to heat the oven floor well. You need to become familiar with the new wood-burning oven, even if it is not the first one you use, because each stove is unique and unrepeatable.

9. Heat maintenance

Once the pizzas are cooked, we can take advantage of the high temperature accumulated by the wood-fired oven to prepare other dishes that melt at a lower temperature. For example it is possible to make the bread to bake it after the fire has gone out and the temperature has dropped to around 250 degrees, obviously considering the relationship that exists with the cooking time and the size of the loaves (the loaves from a kilo can cook even more than an hour). Or, when the temperature has lowered further (180 – 220 degrees), you can bake a beautiful roast of meat or fish, or many delicious recipes based on vegetables.

A significant factor is also linked to the maintenance of heat for the following day: the best wood-fired ovens are those that manage to go down very slowly , allowing us to use them for several consecutive days. If a wood-fired oven is closed as soon as we finish cooking the pizzas, around 400 degrees, it will be able to remain above 200 ° after a full day and so if we want to use it again it will be sufficient to rekindle the fire. If we use the oven quite often, this will allow us to save a lot of wood compared to the departure from the cold oven, being able to reduce fuel consumption .

10. Design and furnishing of outdoor spaces

The last factor we need to consider to assess the quality of a wood-fired pizza oven is its ability to furnish our outdoor spaces .

A wood-burning oven can indeed be the protagonist of our outdoor evenings , thanks to its ability to attract the attention of our guests and to the value it brings to our outdoor kitchen. With a wood-burning oven in the garden we will no longer be forced to go back and forth to the domestic kitchen : instead of continually moving away from the guests, we can become the protagonists of the moment of conviviality together with our oven.

This will allow us to organize real show cooking at home , giving our guests not only

excellent pizzas to eat, but above all full experiences, as they will be involved in the process of making the food they eat, capturing their attention thanks to our ability to prepare it and our cooking tool.

The design of the wood-burning oven can be very varied. First of all we have to distinguish between indoor or outdoor wood-burning oven  because the first one is usually walled up in the kitchen and in this case we only see the finish around the mouth. The external ovens, on the other hand, can be viewed entirely and therefore we must also look outside the dome and at the structure, which must inspire solidity and sturdiness, but also take care of the lines and colors .

How to choose a wood oven

We have seen that the choice of a new wood-fired oven must be weighted according to many different factors . We must first understand our approach to the kitchen and our real needs , to avoid finding ourselves in the two worst situations that can happen after buying a new oven:

  • The first is to try to save money by thinking that a more expensive model is too much for us, to find ourselves with a tool that does not satisfy us and with which we are not able to enhance our pizzas.
  • The second is the opposite one, that is when you are taken by enthusiasm and want to overdo it, buying a wood-burning oven for pizza much more extensive than what we need , which does not mean having wasted money because we will have a great tool available , but we will have to sweat a lot to make full use of it. When buying a wood-fired oven, we need to consider the construction quality , which means the right shape and size and stability of the structure; moreover they are fundamental parameters to evaluate the consumption of wood and the time necessary to exceed 400 degrees .

Finally, even the eye wants its part and if we choose a free-standing outdoor oven, the design and the ability of the instrument to furnish our spaces, as well as the weight for the mobile versions, will also have its influence.

To conclude, we remind you that it is always better to take a look at the technical data sheet or complex products such as wood-fired pizza ovens (which manufacturers usually place on websites), to best evaluate a comparison between multiple options.

A new wood-fired oven for making pizza in the garden or on the terrace will be the real protagonist of your summer evenings and will allow you to develop your culinary skills to the full , both for pizza and for all other oven recipes. It is a necessary purchase to feed the passion for the kitchen and in particular for the pizza , thanks to its superiority in many points of view. We greet you and wish you a proper search for the next wood-fired pizza oven.

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