The features that the best wood-fired pizza ovens should have. part 1

The features

The first relate to how the heat released by the fire and the embers inside the oven and to the properties of the fuel spread, which is added as a real ingredient giving the aromas of the wood to the dishes.

The second ones concern the historical and cultural aspects related to the wood oven, especially if we talk about pizza. In the world, the image of the round pizza immediately recalls that of the wood-fired pizza oven. Wood-fired pizza ovens have a charm unattainable for other types of furnaces, regardless of the quality of the results. They bring to mind the genuine cooking of the rural tradition and inspire conviviality, togetherness and good food, all aspects that we love in Italy and that are part of our culture.

Other motivations can be found in the personal satisfaction of chefs, bakers and pizza makers  since the management of fire is an essential skill to develop and this type of oven certainly requires a more demanding management, but it allows the creation of better quality products .

The traditional wood-fired pizza oven is made of refractory bricks and cement, which can be external or walled in the home kitchen. To this type of ovens, always very appreciated, there is the category of free-standing pizza ovens, that is free-standing ovens, born for the domestic market and which can be placed on an external kitchen top or on a structure with wheels, which will then allow us to move it.

The market for pizza ovens is continually developing, thanks to the widespread use of pizzerias in our country. Many oven manufacturers have started to meet people’s needs, developing models for the domestic market up to the levels of performance of professional models, realizing real ovens for professionals at home .

Innovation in wood-fired pizza ovens can have various purposes, such as lowering wood consumption, the time required for a significant increase in temperature, the ability to maintain heat over time or the reduction of production costs without sacrificing quality.ustomers have also changed in recent years, because thanks to the web they are much more informed and demanding, especially developing the sector of wood-burning ovens for domestic pizza .

In this article, we will talk about how to recognize an excellent wood-fired pizza oven and the characteristics that make this type of furnace the most suitable for making the most of this delicious dish. We will begin with a general discussion of the reasons that make the wood-fired oven the most ideal for cooking pizza, to continue listing the key factors that must be present to have a good quality oven . Finally, we will conclude by summarizing the factors to consider when choosing a wood-fired oven .

Why prefer a wood-fired oven to make pizza?

We can identify five main reasons for arguing that the wood-fired oven is the best for baking pizza, always remembering that the final choice is linked to the personal taste of the user.

1. Degree of own satisfaction

The wood-fired oven requires more skill than the other stoves  because it is more demanding due to the manual feeding, the need to buy and transport even the fuel and the more significant commitment in cleaning the ashes, but above all for  cooking more challenging to control.

In addition, the fire attracts all of us for ancestral reasons, linked to the importance it has had in the evolution of our species (the only one that tames fire for cooking). We are attracted to fire, mainly if it is used to prepare food and it also invites us to see the skill of cooks and pizza makers work; proof of this is the success of TV programs linked to diet, present on all channels at the most varied times. The many versions of pizza were born the day after the invention of wood-fired ovens  because the stove was the essential tool for baking bread and feeding the family. The vital ingredients are the same and in the old-fashioned wood-fired ovens, before cooking the meal, a pizza was made with a small part of the same dough, to control the temperature before the most crucial baking.

2. Ability to reach the required temperature

The wood-fired oven is suitable for cooking almost anything, but the high temperatures it can reach make it particularly ideal for making pizza faithful to the Neapolitan tradition . Pizza cooking is a fast process (which can last even a minute or so), for the reason we saw in the previous point and precisely thanks to the high temperature. This allows the dough to cook evenly in the central part, without drying out too much . Furthermore, the high temperature reduces cooking times, increasing the productivity of the oven.

3. Aroma

The second reason to prefer the wood-fired oven is fuel. Burning the wood to feed the flame and create the embers, the smells of the burning plant are released, going to give our foods extraordinary perfumes. In our blog we talked about how to choose wood for the oven, delving into talk about cost, heat output and which are the best plants. Furthermore, the wood-fired oven is considered ecological because wood is a renewable energy source . In fact, if you are lucky enough to have a garden with large plants, you can get the fuel for free and in this case, the wood-burning oven will also be more convenient over time .

4. Possibility of show cooking

The wood-fired oven is a fundamental tool for capturing the attention of your guests, which you can satisfy both with a good pizza and with the experience of seeing you at work in your outdoor kitchen. Those who have enough space in the garden or on the terrace and want to make a lasting investment can decide to set up a complete kitchen, while those with limited space and budget needs can opt for a compact pizza oven, even in a mobile version .

5. Resistance

The wood-fired oven is not based on particular technologies and therefore is less subject to component malfunctions, which instead occur in other types of stoves. Moreover, its massive structure and resistant construction materials allow the wood-fired furnace to last many years, even if in winter it is placed under the snow. Until a few decades ago, ovens and fireplaces were one of the first concerns when designing a house, since they were the only source of heat for the winter and it was necessary to create first of all the flues, which also served as a radiator between a floor and the other of the building.

All these factors contribute to creating the charm that characterizes the wood-fired oven, as well as allowing more significant enhancement of the product. Thanks to the high temperature, the fragrances of the wood, the fascination in use and its durability, the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is a purchase that will enhance your outdoor spaces and allow you to improve significantly the quality of prepared foods, especially Pizza.

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