Installation Guide


WARNING: one of the leading causes of fire is due to the failure to maintain the safety distances required by combustible materials.

We can identify two types of outdoor oven installation:

1 – Free outdoor lighting of wood and gas steel ovens.

In the case of free installation, ie, far from any structure, we recommend the use, for all the ovens, of the chimney and the stainless steel chimney supplied by Alfa Forni.

The oven can be installed in the garden, on the terrace and in all places that do not have closed walls close to the stove that would compromise the passage of air.

2 – External installation under the roof (elevated obstructions) of the wood and gas oven.

In case of installation of steel ovens (wood and gas) under a cover (raised obstructions), it is recommended to use a double-walled chimney flue insulated with ceramic fiber.

The barrel must pass through the roof and rise at least 1 m above the roof (it is advisable to view the installation standards of the reference country).

The roof, in correspondence with the flue crossing, must be made with insulating and fireproof materials. However, keep a minimum distance of 60 cm from combustible materials. If it is necessary to install curves to change the path of the chimney, do not insert more than two (2) direction deviations with a maximum of 4 curves.

The curves must not exceed 30 ° and must not have the horizontal parts less than 80 cm (the chimneys must work 90% vertically, so it is always good to try to position the oven under the roof exit). Each undercover installation has its own particularities and specifications. Therefore it is advisable to contact a technician to carry out this type of plant. In case the roof is more than 3 meters, we recommend putting a valve to regulate the draft.

General instructions for installing the Alfa Forni oven under cover:

  • It is recommended to use a valve to regulate the draft.
  • The chimney must extend at least 1 m above the highest point of the roof.
  • Do not use NON- insulating materials or other NON- fireproof materials; in the product specifications, there are written warnings and maximum operating temperatures. Silicones, ceramic fiber, and steel all have a specific heat resistance; we always recommend using resistant materials up to 500 ° C (932 ° F) for your safety.

 Installation of curves:

  • Avoid bends if possible, as a vertical flue is more efficient.
  • Alfa Forni does not offer the curves for the installation of the chimney, you can request them in a specialized shop near your house.
  • Do not use angles higher than 30 °.
  • Use a maximum of two curves and make sure that the horizontal surface is always greater than 80 cm.

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