How to make pizza dough based on different oven


If a mixture is well done, it will also be easier to have good cooking, in all types of ovens. Furthermore, with a little experience, we will be able to fully understand both the behavior of the dough and that of our oven, and it will be our ability to balance them that will result in a delicious pizza.

More than once in our blog, we talked about the various types of ovens and their characteristics; in this section, we take the most critical considerations, useful for understanding the relationship between oven and dough. Let’s start by distinguishing the ovens based on the supply :

  • The wood-fired oven is the king of cooking, able to reach very high temperatures and to provide perfumes to our foods thanks to the aromas of the fuel. It is the most challenging type of power to handle and even more expensive, but the superior quality and appeal of flame management make it the best.
  • The electric furnace comfortable, versatile, and cheap, but it is the least suitable for making pizza because of the temperatures not very high reaching.
  • The gas oven can be a happy medium, because it combines the convenience and cleanliness of an electric furnace at a higher temperature, almost like that of wood-burning stoves, even if it does not give the foods any more aroma.

The ovens can also be very different in terms of construction quality, care of materials or components, capacity, and temperature reachable (and how long). The possibilities for choice are endless, and for all budgets, we will only say that today’s domestic ovens can easily reach the performance of professional pizzeria ovens.

Each of these ovens has different characteristics and can give us different results. With everyone you can make a delicious pizza, we’ll have to adapt our method and our recipe to the tool we have in the kitchen, as we are about to see.

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